The European Youth Parliament sessions always have a broad theme in which the session revolves around. From the theme on, the different committees will work on a different perspective of the same (legally, scientifically, economically, etc.). 


This year’s national session theme is “Building tomorrow’s equal yet diversified society”. This idea has its origin in the European Union’s slogan “United in diversity”. 

All the implementations made by the EU always should care for this objective. However, we find that the theory does not correspond to practice. Nowadays, European citizen deal with religious, political conflicts and even humanitarian crisis that can’t be unperceived. 


For the moment, the solutions the EU has been trying to implement, far from accomplishing a society that integrates diversity, are provoking its fracture.

To finally become a united in diversity community, the EU should proceed as the bond between all member states that constitute it. It should find the common point not evince their differences. 


Reiterating the differences between the member states only induces to inequality growth. In order to achieve the kind of society the EU pursue we must eradicate any sign of discrimination or unequal behaviour. 


In the 13th national selection conference  of the European Youth Parliament of Spain, we want all participants to go further, to realize that, in order to achieve these equal society that we’re all striving for, we have to respect and tolerate each other. Only then, will we reach the open mindedness that the type of controversial problems that will be debated during the session require. 

Córdoba 2018  13th National Selection Conference of EYP España

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